Opening the CAS clubhouse at the Kenley Observatory

I was asked by the CAS if I would like to return to the UK to open their new clubhouse which had recently been built. I considered this 'somewhat of an honour' and jumped at the chance... Even although I had to pay for the trip back :-)

It was to be a double event with me opening the clubhouse and the parents of Alan Treays (who had tragically died young) kindly donating the small dome to the left complete with a Fullerscopes 10" Newtonian which belonged to their son to the CAS. It was held on sunday the 30th June 1991, the 12th anniversary of when the Kenley Observatory was inaugurated.

A rare photo of me - I'm wearing a suit and tie! Standing in the background are Pete Simmons (beside the Treays dome) and Norman Fisher who along with Graham Howell, Roy Easto and others put in considerable work into building the clubhouse.
With Konrad Malin-Smith in the foreground, Graham Howell (left), me and Pete Simmons up in the dome.
Some better quality images scanned from slides.


From what I recall, the silver plate that I'm holding was presented to Lillian Best; the wife of the founder of the CAS, who was present when the Fred Best Telescope and observatory was inaugurated on the 30th June 1979. She had died sometime later and the clubhouse was to be named in her memory. The plate then residing in a glass cabinet within. Watching on whilst I perform the opening ceremony are (who I recognise): Graham Howell (the CAS chairman at that time), Mr and Mrs Treays, Pete Simmons, behind him could be Brian Mills and at the back Adrian Vendetti.