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Showing the EQDIR interface box I made with the top removed. The cable connector in the box is a 6 pin RJ11 telephone style socket. I did it this way so the RS232 cable to the PC would be dual purpose? Controlled through a planetarium program either with EQMOD (via ASCOM) or using the Celestron NexStar driver that the SYNSCAN handset uses.

It should be noted that the 9 pin D connector on the flying cable is NOT RS232 compatible and was a bad (and confusing) decision that Skywatcher adopted for connecting the SYNSCAN handset! The voltage levels on the (D type 9pin) EQ6 handset connector are +5V TTL. Many have plugged in a standard RS232 cable into the mount and 'fried' the electronics PCB in the EQ6!
You have been warned :-)