Lakeside focuser

Original image

This scope is an IKHARUS 102mm F/7 APO which Ian shipped out to La Palma in May 2011. Primarily to use as a guide scope during his visit in June that year and which afterwards would stay here with me to use.

One of the first upgrades I did was to fit a LAKESIDE motor focuser. I decided to use one of those rather than remove the Robofocus from the Genesis as the control box had become unreliable. I later discovered the ribbon cable connector for the Lakeside has the same pin configuration as the Robofocus motor so the Lakeside control box can also be used with that.

This photo shows the Lakeside under test with the control box sitting on top of the Ikharus. The Window open on the PC shows the Utility test program that comes with the Lakeside. This shows both the position (at 8000 steps) and the temperature (22.5C). The temperature sensor chip I provisionally placed on the OTA using a cable tie.