Pyxis LE rotator

Original image

Showing the Optec Pyxis LE rotator and the QSI 683wsg camera

The QSI 683wsg model has a USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output and can readout an unbinned ~17Mb image in just a few seconds. It also has a two stage cooler which can cool the sensor to -45 degs below ambient. Both the 683 and the previous 583 camera use a mechanical shutter with Kodak 8300 (8.3 megapixel) CCD sensors. The WSG option means it has an internal filter wheel (8 positions on the 683 camera) and an OAG port.

The other change was to replace the SX Lodestar guider with an SBIG ST-i - This was done as the Lodestar had many hot pixels and which sometimes were mistaken to be 'guide stars' - A fat lot use that was! Being a remote telescope one cannot cover it over to take dark frames. The St-i has a mechanical shutter so that solved the problem.