Although the speaker cabinet was excellent; originally fitted with 12 and 15 inch Celestions, the amplifier was terrible and constantly breaking down. In the early 1970's, I removed the upper 12 inch speaker as it was rattling and fitted another 15 inch Celestion unit.

The amplifier as can be seen in the photo was pretty basic with just volume, treble and bass controls and a space below for cable storage. The tonal range was crappy too! This was the first solid state bass amplifier that Vox produced and used OC35 germanium power transistors in the final stage. These were notorious for thermal runaway and were always blowing up!

By 1972, I had a gutful of this amplifier and built a 100W solid state replacement which fitted into the space occupied by the original. However, that was pretty shitty also so I cut my losses, sold it off and built a classic 100W valve amplifier. I have never looked back and still use a valve bass amplifier (Marshall Super Bass 100) to this day :-)