G8's reunite after 35 years !

The power of the World Wide Web

When I put my amateur radio pages onto the web in April, little did I know how quickly they would be found by Bill G8BGR. He had done a recent web search for me and had found nothing until my pages were indexed by Google. I was hoping this would be the case as I had tried to find Bill also on the net, but with no luck.

Even more fortuitous was that I was in the UK to attend an astronomical convention. By luck I logged on to a friend's PC to check my emails and found Bill's reply... Incredible! So a reunion was arranged (at a pub naturally!) with Alan G8BJG coming also. Another one of my regular contacts from the early 1970's. After 35 years or so, there was plenty of catching up to do and a most enjoyable time was had by all.

I meet up with Bill G8BGR again after 35 years !

L to R:   Bill G8BGR - me G4STA (ex-G8DNC) and Alan G8BJG