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In 2006, I became the custodian of three Skywatcher EQ6 Pro mounts which Nik, Ian and John Evans had shipped to La Palma for their use. The reason being to bring over their fast APO refractors and do wide field deep sky imaging rather than using the slower (and narrower field) Meade LX200.

Although they were quite happy to use the SYNSCAN handsets, I soon discovered it was possible to drive these mounts directly from a planetarium program such as Software Bisque's The Sky 6 or Cartes du Ciel using the ASCOM driver EQMOD (aka. EQASCOM)

This photo shows a home made EQDIR interface box which replaces the SYNSCAN handset. The EQDIR box is fastened to the EQ6 head using Velcro.