MX716 - USB2

Original image

This shows the Genesis with a Starlight Xpress MX716. My first 'Astro' CCD camera fitted on a TRUE-TECH motorized filter wheel and both purchased in 2006. The piggyback Vixen F/11 60mm guide scope I got in the mid 1990's and had used it previously with my ST-4 autoguider. The MX716 camera connected directly to the parallel I/O (printer) port on my old desktop PC.

I then got the SXV guide head and a SX USB-2 interface box. So enabling both the main imaging camera and the guider to communicate via a single USB cable to my PC. This was all controlled from MaximDL which I still love and use! The SX proprietary software which came with the SX camera worked ok, but was a bit ancient looking with a DOS window :-)