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These photos were taken using my Televue GENESIS in the mid 1990's. From the Cumbre, the mountain ridge that runs down La Palma (at 1400mtrs ASL) or from a helipad near the residencia at the ORM (at 2300mtrs ASL). The camera body used was a Cosina, but replaced later with a Nikon FM2. Exposure times were between 20 to 30 mins using Kodak Ektachrome 5040 EPH (1600 ASA). Getting get a sharp focus was always a problem until I changed the image splitter viewing screen in the Nikon FM2 with a plain matte BEATTIE Intenscreen which made focusing on faint objects much easier. Most of the exposures were autoguided using a Vixen 60mm F/11 guide scope with an SBIG ST-4.

Double Cluster


Dumbell Nebula


Flame Nebula

Hale Bopp1

Hale Bopp2

Helix Nebula

Lagoon Nebula


Trifid Nebula

Eagle Nebula

Swan Nebula


Mars in Praesepe



Omega Centauri

Orion Nebula


Veil Nebula

Wild duck cluster



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