Here you will find a collection of astro images using various telescopes and cameras that I've taken over the years. The images on film were taken in the 1990's and from 2006 onwards using cooled CCD cameras. Most were taken on La Palma either from home or up at 8000ft (2,300 metres) from the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM). Many images from 2013 onwards were taken using remote telescopes in SE Spain at Astrocamp (Nerpio).

Although I purchased my TELEVUE GENESIS 4" fluorite refractor in 1988, I didn't attempt any serious astrophotography until 1994. Earlier attempts were somewhat disastrous due to lack of experience in manually guiding the telescope or by simply holding my old COSINA camera to the eyepiece and hoping for a result when taking photos of bright objects such as the moon. The Cosina was also prone to jam occasionally and difficult to focus.

The situation improved considerably when I obtained an SBIG ST-4 autoguider and a NIKON FM-2 camera body in the mid 1990's and also a Vixen 60mm f/11 guide scope. The ST-4 autoguider, although somewhat difficult to master in the beginning proved indispensable and I've never manually guided a telescope since.

To move (albeit somewhat belatedly) with the times, in 2005 I purchased a Starlight Xpress MX716 CCD camera and a TrueTech motorised filter wheel and a year later, an SXV autoguider head with an SX USB-2 box. This allowed both the MX716 and SXV to communicate through a common USB cable. In October 2010 I upgraded to an SXVR-H9 camera which the SXV autoguider head connects to directly and more recently, an SX OAG unit to fit on to my TrueTech filter wheel which I had to modify.

In 1997, I paid into a third share for a MEADE LX200 10" SCT. The reason being that this bulky telescope would stay on La Palma with me so saving the huge expense in airport excess baggage charges that the other shareholders (UK astrophotographers Nik Szymanek and Ian King) had paid out on previous observing trips.

Since 2006, Nik, Ian (and John Evans, a regular visitor to La Palma) have left equipment with me to look after to save them excess baggage charges. These include three Skywatcher EQ6 Pro GEM's, a William Optics ZS66 APO and an Ikharus F/7 102mm APO.

 FILM  Scanned from 35mm transparencies taken in the 1990's using my GENESIS 4" refractor
 MESSIER OBJECTS  Images taken of objects in Charles Messier's famous catalogue
 NGC AND IC OBJECTS  Deep sky images taken of objects as listed in these catalogues
moon  MISC OBJECTS  Moon, planets, comets, super-novae, etc and other interesting things!
telescope  EQUIPMENT  The equipment I use or have done in the past
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