Installing the WHT control desk

March 1995

The console design was done by Clive Amos (at RGO Cambridge) and manufactured by TEW Engineering in Nottingham.

My job was to prepare the under-floor cable runs in the control room so that when the console finally arrived, it could be installed rapidly with minimum loss of observing time. Looking in my logbook the console was in place by 14:00hrs, but we worked until midnight. So not sure if the telescope was observing that night.
Taking time off to pose for a photo during the console assembly.

Roberto and Amado are busy bolting the desktops together. Seen to the right is Alan Chopping and Charlie Ramon who were connecting up the power distribution boards in the console bays.

Quite what Paul Whiteley is pointing at I've no idea, but something obviously amused him by the look on his face! Clive Jackman can also be seen working behind the console.
The console is now assembled and the workstations and TV monitors are being installed with Nick Ferneyhough and Clive Amos (from RGO Cambridge) looking on from behind. Both had done their 'Tour of Duty' in previous years on La Palma and it was good to see them again.

Finished at last!

With ex-ING support astronomer Nick Walton and then electronics head Clive Jackman: 'Trying it out'. They look well pleased. A year later we installed a smaller version of the console at the opposite side of the control room which serves as an engineering area and a place where visiting observers can set up their own observing stations for special instruments. In the years since it was installed, the only thing that's changed are the computer monitors. These days they are LCD flat screens.