Of my three life long interests, Amateur Radio was the last pastime I took up. I got my license in 1970 and was issued with the UK Class B callsign: G8DNC. In 1983, I sat the 12 WPM Morse test and was issued the Class A call: G4STA which I still hold today.

Although I have lived in the Canary Islands since 1986, I have never got around to obtaining a Spanish license. For many years I was living in a company owned property and this complicated matters. I did make enquiries as to getting a full Spanish EA8 callsign, but have still to finalise this... Perhaps one day! On the rare occasions when I have been operational, I have used the call EA8/G4STA. Probably somewhat incorrectly as I'm a resident and not a visitor, but there's never been any problems.

My activities over the years have been varied. From running a 2 metre AM station in the early 1970's, FM mobile and base station operation, an RTTY station on VHF/UHF and in 1983 designing and building a microprocessor controller for the 'Kent Borders' 70cms repeater GB3KB which was located at Farnborough hospital (no longer operational).

When I came to La Palma in 1986, I would have the odd CW contact, but I haven't used that mode for years and now lost the ability! On the rare occasions when I come on the HF bands, I use SSB phone or a data mode such as RTTY or AMTOR although that mode seems to have virtually disappeared also. Probably the height of my activities in La Palma was in the mid 1990's when I ran a digital PACSAT station and later had QSO's via OSCAR 40 before it died. I have always been a 'Class B' (VHF/UHF and upwards as it was) amateur at heart and enjoy the challenges, especially of space communications. An avid home constructor also (but not so much these days) which you can read about in these web pages.

I have divided this section of the website into two areas although this may increase depending on how the web pages come together over time. Please note that much of this section is still under construction and I will add pages as and when I get the time. I never thought that building a website would be so time consuming! Checking the STATUS information on the main front page will let you know if I added anything new.


Gives an autobiographical account of how I got into the hobby and activities that I've been involved with over the years. Much of the information is in an abridged form from articles that I have written for a private amateur radio chat forum that I subscribe to. It will also include information and some photos (what little I have) of projects I built, my past and present shacks, rigs, antennas and other relevant material.


Will consist primarily of photo galleries from field days, holidays and other activities with the Coulsdon Contest Group (G4/G8KKC) in the late 1970's/80's. Don't expect to see much of 'radio activities' here as most of the time we were non compus mentis and heavily involved with another great British national pastime... Going down the pub, getting wrecked, party'n and generally having a good time :-)

This section not written yet, but if you want a 'taster' (of the beer that is!) go to the G4KKC pages on QSL.NET

QSL Information

I have a page on QSL.NET G4STA and also in the listings at QRZ.COM which gives my QSL mailing directions, but I never got around to having QSL cards printed when I got my G4STA call and doubt if I ever will. However, I am registered with and can accept and send eQSL's from there. So, please don't send me 'paper' QSL cards via a Bureau.

Best 73's and good DX,

John (EA8/G4STA)