Recabling the 1 metre telescope

This was a big project (October 1987) and took the best part of a month or so to complete. It was deemed necessary as the original cable bundles passing through the telescope were causing problems due to dragging when the telescope moved and this was producing tracking errors. The solution was to run some of the cables externally and those which passed through the hollow polar and declination axes to be clamped at each end thus forming a 'cable twister'.

Berto Gonzales fitting a connector to a multicored cable. As can be seen in the photo, there were quite a few cables to terminate. From what I recall there were five of us working on this project. Eddie Penny, Berto Gonzales, Amado Guillen, Carlos Martin and myself.
An amusing photo showing Carlos Martin sitting up at the top of the polar axis. He's working on a new connector panel that the cables Berto is busy terminating will eventually mate up with. Seen in the background is Amado in his first week working for the observatory.

Me wiring up the remote focus display and handset box mounted on the finder telescope. It was during this job when I discovered that my eyesight was getting bad as I was having a problem in reading the pin identification letters on the connectors.

I was once told (jokingly) that by the time I reached 40, I would need glasses... How true that was!