Installing a new instrument

These series of photos (taken in 1991) show the installation of the Utrecht Echelle Spectrograph (UES). For many years this fine instrument produced excellent science, but due to new developments in active optics, space was needed on the WHT Nasmyth platform that it occupied for a new instrument (NAOMI) and in 2002 it was removed. The UES may soon see light again either fed using fibre optics from the WHT or even used in the 10 metre GRANTECAN in the future.

The spectrograph on the ground floor of the drum of the WHT. The lifting beam is secure and soon it will be raised. This instrument was certainly the largest ever to be lifted in the WHT.
An anxious time as the UES hangs many feet in the air. Its almost at the correct height, but now the dome needs rotating to position it over the Nasmyth instrument platform.
The mechanical staff making final checks before it is lowered into position.

In position at last... The 'UES Team' can now pose for a photo and a job well done.

Now starts many weeks of work of making the electrical connections, fitting the cooling system, installing the optics and the CCD camera and carrying out commissioning tests before the spectrograph is finally handed over to the astronomical community to use.

Seen in the photo from L to R: Jaap Haan, me, Ken Maris, Dave Benham, Andy Gallagher and Hans Slingerland.