Welcome to Millsey's Music Pages

These pages I've divided into two sections:

MY UK ERA (1963 - 1975)   UPDATED - AUG 2011

An autobiographical (and somewhat amusing) account of how I started my 'musical career' all those years ago. Anyone reading this; especially who lived in the SE London area during that period, may well know some of the places I mention and perhaps the memories will come flooding back. Likewise, any other semi-pro musicians who were playing in clubs and pubs in these times and who like me never made a name for themselves could identify with my experiences.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the bands I was in from those days, but have managed to find on the web at least some images of the gear; guitars, amps, etc that I once owned. Now knowing how much some of that equipment is worth today and that I sold it for a pittance... It really grates!

Re: my comment - "I don't have any photos of the bands I was in from those days" - I now have one! After more than 40 years and thanks to the 'Wonder of the Web', I met up with a friend who's band I played with in 1967 and he had some photos. What's even more remarkable is I had forgotten completely that I'd even played in THE SHAPES when I wrote these pages in 2005. So, a section of my website which I thought was finished forever has now been updated :-)

MANIFOLD (1998 - To Now)

Well, I thought my playing days were over when I 'hung up my bass' in 1975. A pity one can't foretell the future as 23 years later I started all over again. Not in the UK, but on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands where I now live. I was a bit reluctant at first, but some mates from work persuaded me to start playing the bass again and in 1998 we formed the rock cover band: MANIFOLD.

Playing a musical instrument is a bit like riding a bike... You never forget. Although at first I was well out of practice, I surprised myself how quickly it all came back and consider that I'm playing better now than I ever was all those years ago. Just a pity the gigs are few and far between these days!

This section will hopefully expand with time if I get any decent photos from future gigs or whatever, so its worth checking back occasionally for any new additions.

Enjoy your visit... and keep on ROCKING :-)