Odisea Bar - Los Canacajos - July 3rd 2010


As with many bands that have been going for sometime, members have come and gone and MANIFOLD is no exception. Alan, Renee and myself being there from the beginning.

The commonality which brought us together was our jobs. We all work (or did) at the international astrophysical observatory (ORM) here on the beautiful island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Although Alan had played guitar and sung with some former employees, it wasn't until the arrival of Guy Woodhouse (who happened to play lead guitar) that the idea of putting an 'observatory band' together came into being. Guy must have heard Alan singing (haven't we all :-) in the corridors at work and things moved on from there. I was the next to join the band; at first using a 'Beatle Bass' that Guy owned then followed by Carlos Gonzales on drums (Mar 1998 to Oct 2005) and Renee on second lead guitar.

The present line up and the TENTH incarnation of the band (as of February 2016) is as follows:

VOCALS, RHYTHM GUITAR & HARMONICA - Alan Chopping (a good 'ol SE London geezer like myself :-)
VOCALS - Both backing and principle - Paula Rey & Yaiza Magdalena (La Palma) From March 2016
LEAD GUITAR - Renee Pit (Holland)
BASS GUITAR - John Mills (UK, SE London)
KEYBOARDS - Anton Hosinsky (Sweden) Who rejoined us in Jan 2010
DRUMS - Edgar Perez Dudamel (La Palma) - From June 2008

We've had a few short term drummers since Carlos left in 2005 and our thanks go to Jonas, Carla and Manolo.
Our thanks go also to Charlie 'Siete' who played guitar with the band from 2010 to 2012


It took us quite a bit of time to come up with this name. As well as being a gas porting duct (like as in the exhaust manifold of a combustion engine) in a symbolic sense it could also be interpreted as the coming together of different elements into a common medium. As we have an international line-up and come together to play music, the name MANIFOLD is very appropriate. Not forgetting to mention that as we are based in the Canary Islands, the name is very easy to pronounce to a Spanish speaker.


I have broken this down into the variants of MANIFOLD where band members have changed over the years and added comments where appropriate. Hope you like the photos...


MANIFOLD II (1999-2000)

MANIFOLD III (2001)    Included are links to two MP3 files of the band.


MANIFOLD V (2003 - 2005)    Some images enhanced.

MANIFOLD VI (2006)    Includes our meet up with Brian May!

MANIFOLD VII (2007 - 2008)

    8th June 2007    Bar Guantanamera - Los Cancajos

    18th August 2007    La Galga Concert

MANIFOLD VIII (2008 - 2010)

    4th July 2008    Bar Bucanero - Los Cancajos

    25th October 2008    Bar Bucanero - Los Cancajos

    28th November 2009    Palacio Salazar - Santa Cruz "Mira Que Luna!"

    18th December 2009    Bar Bucanero - Los Cancajos

    29th January 2010    Pepe's Disco - Los Cancajos

    3rd July 2010    Bar Odisea - Los Cancajos

MANIFOLD IX (2010 - 2014 )

    31st October 2010    Plaza Alameda - Santa Cruz)

    29th January 2011    La Escuela Encantada - El Paso

    16th July 2011    La Escuela Encantada - El Paso

    23rd August 2011    La Galga fiesta

    23rd September 2011    Bar Central - El Paso

    27th July 2012    LASAL - Marina La Palma

    14th August 2012    La Galga fiesta - Updated! Now with five YouTube videos added

    13th November 2013    Tijarafe Concert

    15th December 2013    San Jose school fete

MANIFOLD X (2016 - )

    19th March 2016    Cafe-Bistro La Rapadura - Santa Cruz

The band's resumé (in PDF format)

Necesitas un buen grupo de musica para una fiesta, bar, hotel, etc? Versión en ESPAÑOL
Need a good band for a party, bar or hotel, etc? Version in ENGLISH

NOTE PDF files were last updated (24th July 2014)