Bar Bucanero - 25th October 2008

Same bar, but a few months later...

Not quite the extravaganza we put on back in July, but enjoyable all the same. Not that many photos taken at this gig unfortunately as our 'resident photographer' Tibor decided not to bring his expensive camera this time but concentrate on seeing how much beer he could put down for the duration of the gig, hehe :-)

Although not up in the class of Nikon or Canon cameras, I usually bring my Fuji FinePix S5000 DSLR to gigs to record the event. On this occasion, Alan's brother Ian was around, so he kindly took the images using my camera which appear below.

It was not quite the crowd turnout we expected either. Probably due to the gig not being that well publicised and for sometime it was uncertain if we would play at all. The band had rehearsed little since our last gig due to members being away on holiday, so it was somewhat of a rush to get in a couple of rehearsals before the 25th October. To be honest, I wouldn't consider this was one of our better gigs and the lay off of not rehearsing for a month or two certainly showed. However, the crowd didn't complain when a few bum notes came over and a couple of endings fell apart!

One thing... The gig we playing in the Bucanero bar on the 4th July (and one of our best performances ever) was done for 'GRATIS'! Although the band is a hobby, we usually get paid for our gigs. On that occasion, the bar owner said he wanted to hear us first (what a cheek... An auditon! ) to see if we would bring in the punters. Without doubt, that night his bar was packed so he must have made a few euros! However, the 25th October gig WAS a paid gig, but it took several months before we picked up the dosh!

25th October 2008 gig: L to R: Me, Edgar, Alan, Renee and Mayra

Alan with his 1950's style microphone!

Edgar and me... The sheer 'DRIVING FORCE AND POWER' behind Manifold, hehe :-)

Mayra having a break

Renee - Now with his RED Telecaster!

Said wiv a Sowf East London accent... Blimey! 'e still 'as to check out the lyrics n' chords after 10 years... In'nit :-)

Heads bowed... Deep in concentration ;-)

Alan in full song!

Paul, Alan's lad having a boogie with Eve from the ING office

"Nice one son! Now get a few more up dancing!" :-)

Photo credits: Ian Chopping ( Al's big brov! )