MANIFOLD VIII - 4th July 2008 gig

Yep, I know what you're thinking? Yet ANOTHER change in the lineup of MANIFOLD. However, on this occasion I think it is appropriate as back in the summer we managed to find a drummer to play with us on a regular basis. Edgar Perez Dudamel from San Antonio who played his first gig with us on the 4th July and to what this page is devoted.

Believe it or not, there were 236 digital photos (at ~2.5MB per image) taken at this gig! A somewhat large number to sift through and process down to a suitable size to put on the website. So, I've made a selection of those which show the action and some which I've been able to add amusing captions to! It's also my lame excuse to why its taken so bloody long to put the page on line seeing we played the gig some 5 months ago ;-)

One thing about Manifold is that we have always enjoyed having other musicians play with us. Often these are students or post graduates who come to spend a year working at the observatory to gain work experience. Although we realise they will only be with the band on a short term basis, we try to accommodate them the best we can. This is good for both them and the band as it helps to broaden our musical abilities. A prime example being Richard Parker who played sax with us (Sept 2006/2007) has since mentioned that playing in a rock band for a year has helped him immensely since he returned to the UK and joined up with a band at the University of Sheffield... Nice one Richard ;-)

Not all our guest musicians are students and occasionally people come over to La Palma on holiday who are known to the band. We were very fortunate that Sanne and Erwin from the Netherlands were here in June/July for a few weeks and would be able to join us for the 4th July gig. Sanne, a trained vocalist, said she would be only too pleased to join with Alan and Mayra singing in a few numbers that we play and she knew. She mentioned she sang with her own band and all their material was original. Something that Manifold has still yet to accomplish!

Without doubt, Erwin is one of the best guitarists Manifold have had the pleasure to play along with! He said was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix. As I was fortunate to have seen that great artist play live back in the 60's, hearing Erwin play many of Hendrix's numbers note perfect brought back a lot of fond memories for me. I think we were all impressed not only with Erwin's playing ability, but he could do the Hendrix trick of playing the guitar behind his neck and using his teeth as a plectrum! Very impressive :-)

He mentioned he plays in several bands back home, but his main band is Defuse. An up and coming rock/metal band based in Rotterdam. I think they will go far and I (Re: Manifold) wish them all the best of luck for the future.

4th July 2008 gig: L to R: Me, Alan, Edgar, Erwin, Mayra and Renee

The band 'warming up' for a great gig!

Renee - with GREEN Telecaster
Mayra - with Tambourine!
Edgar - Getting into the beat!
Me - smiling for a change :-)
Alan - "Take it away Erwin!"
Erwin - "Right On Man!!"

Alan blow'n - and the band rock'n :-)

Alan and Erwin - getting DOWN to it!
I'm getting too bloody old for all this jumping around!

Close up on Mayra

We must be ok! A thumbs up from Jorge, the guitar tutor from the Asociación Cultural Mareando in Santa Cruz

Close up on Edgar

Now joined by Sanne... Alan thinking: "Am I playing this in the right key?"

Close up on Sanne

Something amusing going on here ... :-)


On reflection about 'what a brilliant bassist' I am ... hehe :-)

Erwin giving Alan some assistance with the vocals

A local keeping an eye on his Cuba Libre!
Well done mate! You didn't spill a drop :-)
Speaking of which... Bass playing is thirsty work!
Down the hatch :-)
Erwin and Alan - GOING BALLISTIC... :-)
Geeez... This is act is incredible!

Erwin really rock'n :-)

Joined by Paul for last number of the gig: Nirvana's "Smells like Team Spirit"

Erwin doing some more trick playing !!

OTRA... OTRA! (ANOTHER) The crowd would like us to play all night ;-)

Photo credits: Tibor Agocs