Bar Bucanero - 18th December 2009

Here we are again playing in what seems to have become a regular venue for Manifold - the 'Bar Bucanero'.

When I first wrote this page, I wasn't sure if there was a poster made for this gig, but by luck I come across it at home. Very nice it is too! Alan calls this the 'Andy Warhol' poster. I must admit it is a bit like Warhol's art from the 1960's and using the photo of Renee, Alan and me from the 2006 Manifold web pages.

Who actually took the photos at this gig I can't remember. One of the problems I have in putting Manifold webpages together so long after the event... This was a year ago!

Fortunately, modern DSLR cameras write a file header to the image so its possible to retrive the date and the time the photo was taken. A good thing as I had no idea when we played this gig!

18th December 2009 gig: L to R: Me, Edgar, Alan, Mayra and Renee

Alan giving praise to the "Gods of Rock n' Roll" :-)

I can see you hiding up there !
Edgar giving it some STICK !
Alan keeping an eye on Mayra
Mayra keeping an eye on Alan
Renee - Doing his 'David Gilmour' impersonation !!!
Me - pulling a similar face, hehe :-)

"Blimey... If I've told yer once, I'll say it again! Get off yer arses and lets be 'aving yer up and dancing" :-)

Renee bending those strings !
Mayra having a good time !

Photo taken near the end of the gig

Alan : "And on bass, SE London's rock superstar from the 1960's - John Mills" :-)