Pepes Disco - 29th January 2010

Well, after some 5 years, here we are again playing in Pepe's Disco. Certainly one of the larger venues to play at in Los Cancajos. Unfortunately there were not many photos taken at this gig, but it was good that Flori Jiménez (one of the ING astronomy students in 2010) came along with her camera as I forgot to bring mine along... Many thanks Flori ;-)

For this gig we were joined by Anton Hosinsky on keyboards who's come back into the band after a break of several years. Having Anton back certainly makes a big difference and opens up a greater range of material for us to play.

As usual at many of our gigs, there's always the odd comedian (piss artist ;-) in the crowd forever coming up to the band and asking if we can play 'such and such' number. Generally they ask for a song we don't play and have to be content with the next in our list. At this gig I remember there was a guy who happened to be from Sweden. He was well 'tanked up' and when he found Anton was a fellow countryman, was pestering him for a while even when he was playing!

The poster for this gig was quite different from our usual ones. This was Alan's idea which he got from an old Beatles album. It was quite a laugh making the photos and posing with the 'shades' !

Our first gig with Anton on keyboards after an hiatus of several years

I'm probably giving Anton some help with the chord changes as I'm looking in his direction :-)

A nice shot of Mayra
... and another ;-)

Alan and Mayra having a reflective moment

Alan looking as cool as ever with his 'shades' :-)

Photo credits: Florencia Jiménez Luján