Cafe-Bistro - "La Rapadura" Santa Cruz
19th March 2016

Well, its been a while since Manifold last played a gig. The last being at a private function (a birthday party) held at 'Restaurante Carmen' in Tajuya near Los Llanos. I think this was back in August 2014, but have no photos from that gig.

This latest gig to celebrate St Patrick's Day (with the band playing some traditional Irish songs) was set up by Neil O'Mahony. A long standing collegue of ours from the ING and to whom we are all grateful for arranging this.

For this gig, we were fortunate to have Paula and Yaiza to join in with the vocals to help Alan out as he has a problem to reach some of the 'high notes' these days :-) I hope they are happy to join the band on a regular basis as it makes such a big difference.

There were just over 100 photos I was supplied with taken at this gig. So its taken me a time to review them and select the ones to appear on this web page. These images needed to be resized (many were 2 to 4M bytes and too big to display) and some of the darker ones needed adjusting for brightness and contrast... My feeble excuse for taking so bloody long after the gig to put them on-line ;-)

My thanks go to Jonathan (my son-in-law), Neil (who set up the gig) and friends of Alan. All who took many great photos of which I was pleased to receive.

Band line up - Left to right: Anton, Renee, Alan, Edgar, Yaiza, me, Paula

Now joined by Neil and Renee playing his mandolin - We're probably playing the traditional Irish song: 'Whiskey in the Jar'

Neil giving it all he's got :-)

Renee with his mandolin

Neil checking to see if Alan is playing the correct chords - Sometimes he doesn't :-)

Well sung Neil... He'll be back again later

Edgar looking somewhat serious :-)

Anton enjoying himself

Me looking down checking I'm playing the correct notes as usual ;-)

A great photo of Yaiza - A pity I'm in it :-)

Alan with silly expression, hehe :-)

Anton playing a solo on his Korg M1

Yaiza - me (the old geezer!) and Paula with Jonathan lurking behind ;-)

Yaiza with arms up :-)

Paula with arms outstretched :-)

The vocal "FRONT LINE"

Neil joining in again

Alan looks likes he's asleep - haha :-)

Alan, Yaiza and Paula - With Jonathan (my son-in-law) behind propping up the wall :-)

The girls having a break and Alan singing this song

Alan and the girls motivating the crowd :-)

Edgar looking to Alan for when to end a song perhaps?

More "High Fives" from Yaiza and Paula :-)

A great photo of Edgar and Yaiza

Paula getting into the music :-)

Now Paula is running the 'on the spot' marathon :-)

Near the end of the gig. The crowd enyoying it with Sheila Crosby (in green and ex-work colleague) having a good time :-)

... and on keyboards - From Sweden - Anton Hosinsky