San Jose School Christmas Fete
15th December 2013

This was arranged through Anton our keyboardist who is also president of the school's PTA. His daughter attends the school along with another guy in the PTA who plays in the band 'La Grange'. They decided to add live music to the school Christmas Fete to raise more money and for both Manifold and La Grange to play there. This was a gig we did for free.

A stage was set up in front of the Ayuntamiento (town hall) of Breņa Baja in San Jose with La Grange (a larger band than Manifold) allowing us to use their equipment. The gig was on a Sunday afternoon and fortunately the weather was good for the time of year.

Manifold played the first set (about an hour or so) followed by La Grange. The fete was reasonably well attended, but being an open air gig people came and went. Generally the same as those gigs we have played at the La Galga fiestas with many hanging around the kiosks/bars.

The photos were taken by Jonathan (my son-in-law) and many thanks go to La Grange for letting us use their gear.

Equipment setup ready to go with the obligatory beer bottles on the stage :-)

No idea why Renee's 'Sunburst' Fender Telecaster guitar has changed colour! A light reflection or flare perhaps getting into the camera.

Renee getting into it! At least his guitar is the correct colour again :-)

Getting the sound just right! Renee making some adjustments to his amp with the bass player from 'La Grange' behind at the mixing desk

A good photo with a general view of the band

Hehe - It looks like I'm singing into a mic, but I ain't :-)

I'm not singing, but Alan and Renee certainly are ;-)

An amusing photo with Renee and Anton enjoying themselves and a stern look from Alan :-)

Fran - A well known La Palma 'Rockero' and a brilliant guitarist who has jammed with us many times in the past - Was great to see him again ;-)

Renee to Anton? "Now change to the key of "F" ;-)

More problems with the sound balance!



Me with my usual 'Po-Face' hehe :-)

Alan looking cool as ever :-)

Me, Alan and Edgar

Edgar, Jonathan and Alan