Early in 2002 there were more band changes. Unfortunately we lost Jackie when she moved to Chile, but shortly before she left she introduced us to Mathias Egholm (a Danish student working at the Nordic observatory) who become our new keyboardist for several months. Patrick was now well into his 3 year degree course in modern music in London, but still managed to make it back to La Palma during vacations and played at some of our gigs. Notably the San Andres fiesta as seen below.


L to R: Jackie, Mathias, me, Alan, Renee & Carlos

SAN ANDRES (19 July 2002)

What a great gig this was and still one our biggest to date. It was memorable also due to 'Bolero' (the main act) offering us the use of their huge PA system. The sound was awesome :-)

Time for a tune-up...

Using another borrowed bass. This time a Precision Bass copy belonging to Carlos!

Alan caught in motion

Alan, Mathias and Patrick

Alan looking cool :-)

Carlos and Mathias


This was quite a large gig in the town square of Barlovento in the north of the island and where SonoArte supplied some of the kit and run the PA system. I just can't understand why there are no more photos from this event? Whoever took the photo below must have taken some more!  I need to look into this...

Trying to work out how to drive this wretched Sono-Arte supplied bass amp!

ORM... PLAYING A GIG AT 2,300 metres (8000ft) ABOVE SEA LEVEL (23 Aug 2002)

Just to show we REALLY ARE the observatory band. The Garafia open day at the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM). In the background can be seen the dome of the GRANTECAN 10 metre telescope. It was touch and go that day whether the cloud TOP would stay below where we were playing. It did creep close a few times.

Its quite novel playing at the place where you work. As I was on duty that night, after the gig I simply drove back up to the telescopes and went back to work!