As there were quite a few photos taken (by my eldest daughter Cassandra), I've decided to devote a seperate page for this gig.

After an hiatus of 6 years to the day, Manifold were invited to participate in a rock concert as part of the fiesta of San Bartolome in La Galga. We were the second band on stage and started to play just before midnight! Such is the way things are on La Palma. Nothing starts early let alone on time. The good thing about playing at these functions is everything is laid on. We simply turn up with our instruments, plug in and play the gig. No sound amplification equipment to cart around or fighting our way through crowded bars after a gig struggling with heavy kit.

For this gig, we were fortunate to have Manolo Martin on drums. He's an excellent drummer and without doubt, the most experienced that Manifold has ever played with. Manolo played with us at the 2004 Christmas Day gig in Santa Cruz harbour, but he never managed to appear in any of the photos. So to make up for that deficit, there are quite a few photos of Manolo in these pages.

Playing at these open air gigs is great provided the weather is fine. We arrived about 8:30pm to carry out a sound check along with the other two bands. The wind was blowing across the square and I detected rain in the air... Not a good sign! Although the stage has a roof, there's nothing to stop rain entering if there is a strong wind. However, it wasn't until after the gig when my daughter told me this curious thing?

We had just started to play the old Shadows number 'Apache'. Alan was hopping around doing a 'Red Indian' dance and making chants, when the heavens just opened up and it pissed down! Sheets of rain driving across the square forced the crowd to take cover under the kiosks and in the bars. Then as we finished off the instrumental, the rain stopped just as quickly as it started! So, perhaps the native Americans of old really could incite the rain to come and Alan hit on the right combination that night, huh :-)

Line up. L to R: Me, Alan, Manolo, Mayra and Renee

Wide angled view showing the PA speakers at each end of the stage
The satellite dish to the right was uploading the concert for wide world viewing... Huh, wishful thinking :-)

Geeez... I'm on fire! That wretched smoke generator starts up again as a young fan looks on :-)

Just a few traces of the smoke still lingering around!

One of these days I'll remember the chords and lyrics!
Renee - Under the spotlight

More of us under the spotlight

Manolo laying down some 'kick-arse' drumming :-)

Another potential Manifold fan rolls up to the stage - but wait :-)

He takes a look ...

Then an even closer look ...

So we give it all the stick we have - Then ...
Man - This band is SO COOL its doing me head in :-)

From the expressions on their faces, it looks like it amused Alan, Manolo and Mayra also!

Almost 60 - and STILL ROCKING :-)
Renee - Laying down those power chords!

Waiting for Manolo to give us the final nod to finish

Near the end of our set - The final band 'No Rula' at the left are itching to get on stage!

Photo credits: Cassandra Mills Parada